Kasandra is a New York City-based editor Who helps scientists and academics write Engaging educational books and Articles for popular audiences.

After nearly a decade in journalism, Kasandra Brabaw got an opportunity to help Wharton professor Katy Milkman shape her first book from start to finish. Katy and Kasandra worked closely together to develop the narrative and structure of every chapter, with Kasandra providing both broad feedback and line edits for grammar and flow. Throughout their work together, Kasandra discovered great joy in helping scientists share their work and passion with a wide audience.

Since then, she’s worked with other scientists and academics on popular media, focusing on translating academic jargon into easily understandable language and helping authors add narrative elements that both demonstrate the science and emotionally connect readers with the work.

Kasandra Brabaw got her Masters in journalism from the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, and undergraduate degrees in both English and physics. For nearly 10 years, she worked as a journalist with focus on health, psychology, science, and LGBTQ+ identity. As a science-focused journalist, Kasandra developed the ability to explain scientific concepts in an easily understandable way. She knows how to combine narrative storytelling with research to create an engaging story. Kasandra has interviewed hundreds of experts, many of them in psychiatry, psychology, astronomy, and medical fields, and knows how to ask questions that can paint a vivid picture.